What Employers Need to Know about Employment Practices, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

You’ve seen it all over the news, practically every day.  If not a politician, someone in Hollywood, the food services industry, or a Federal Judge is accused and the list goes on and on.

If someone were to step forward and accuse a fellow employee or manager in your company of sexual harassment, what would you do?  There are definitely guidelines you should begin to adhere to in order to help mitigate any further potential damage.  Hopefully, it is groundless.

Your company should have someone identified to everyone as the person to bring complaints to in complete confidence.  These complaints need to be addressed with the offending party that the allegations are levied against.  There should be anti-retaliation and a strict privacy policy for employees that come forward.  There should be a swift and complete investigation into all allegations.  Documentation is key.  Record everything including all statements given by employee and any witnesses.

Most importantly, you should call your agent to notify them of the possible incident that could give rise to a claim on your Employment Practices Liability policy.  Oh, wait, you don’t have that type of policy?  You need to call The O’Connor Insurance Group, LLC today at 504-262-8900.  You would be surprised at how affordable the premiums are for a policy that provides for not only legal defense should a lawsuit develop but also limits that respond in the event an injured party is awarded money in a court case.

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